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All About Ethical Milking

Ever wondered whether the milk you’re drinking is sourced ethically? Are the cows treated with love and respect or are they simply treated milk-producing machines? The dairy industry has seen immense transformations since the 1960s.Since the demand for milk continues to rise with the growing population, the white revolution made it possible to increase milk production, too. However, in this process, cows were injected with a lot of hormones to increase the output of milk. Not to mention,hybrid cows came into the picture and invariably the quality of milk started decreasing.

Unethical Living Conditions and Milking Processes

If you visit any traditional farms, you might notice that cows aren’t given even the basic comforts to fulfil their desires. Mothers aren’t given the opportunity to nurse their calves.

Cows can’t roam around freely and enjoy nature. They’re injected to ensure more female births. The milking process is painful and rigorous. And so on.

While cows suffer on such factory farms that only focus on milk output, humans that drink this milk have a higher chance of getting heart diseases, diabetes, stomach problems, cancer, and other ailments.

This often raises the question – shouldn’t kindness and compassion triumph over economics when we’re dealing with cows – one of the most sacred animals in our culture?

What is Ethical Milking?

After understanding the poor living and milking conditions of our dear cows, a few leaders took up the responsibility to embrace ethical milking. It’s not about the quantity of milk output or the profits, it’s all about offering a safe, happy, and nurturing environment to the cows.

Given a chance, cows love their little ones and form lifelong friendships with each other. They like to play games and have various emotions and personality traits.

The key constituents of ethical milking include:

  • Do you sometimes struggle to get your children to drink that big glass of milk on early school mornings? Normal A1 milk can sometimes cause tummy discomfort and an uncomfortable after feeling. Because A2 milk is lighter on the stomach than regular milk, switching to A2 will help you make mornings easier and hassle-free by introducing the kind of milk that prevents digestive discomfort and other gastro problems.
  • Cows are kept in a cool and comfortable shed with ample of natural air and light, huge fans and showers, too
  • The milking process is fully automated and done only twice a day
  • There’s no hormones, antibiotics or chemicals given to the cows at any point
  • Cows are treated just like family members – they have names, identities and celebrated personalities
  • Non-milking cows are treated with equal respect and given lots of enjoyment on the farm

Ethical Milking is a Priority at Mr. Milk

Mr. Milk is a leading Desi Cow Milk brand offering high-quality organic A2 milk to our customers. We make sure that every step of our process is ethical, giving our customers the best milk for their families. At our 85-acre cow dairy farm near Lonavala, cows are our friends and family. We nurture them and offer them a paradise where life is wonderful, harmonious, and happy!

For us, ethical milking is all about ensuring that our cows are healthy and happy. Because that’s what constitutes real, natural and wholesome milk.

Ready to embrace organic A2 milk? Call us at 9922-MR-MILK (9922-67-6455) or download the Mr. Milk app to subscribe today!

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