A healthy start to the morning…

Is that still a wake-up dream for you?

Let us help you get on with a 5 step health routine, not a new age mantra, but rather something inspired from the roots of Ayurveda and traditional science.

Start your morning the night before!

This might sound absurd but that’s the keynote. We all grew up listening to stories about how our grandparents and their generations woke up early before sunrise. Sleeping at a fixed bedtime and waking up to sunrise sets a rhythm to our whole day and even the biological cycle.

So, plan out your next day in your head or better yet, write it down in a diary before you go to sleep, and wake up at a time where you feel the fresh start of a new day.

Drink milk – a complete meal in itself!

Whether milk should be consumed in the morning or at night, is debatable. However, nutritionists believe milk is a complete diet, which can be consumed at any hour. What needs to be taken care of is the source of milk. Fresh fed cow milk is rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids which will give you energy for your whole day.

Let’s embrace and soak in the energy of the sun!

Sun basking, a fad for the new age, was actually a daily ritual for our ancestors. Just, the methods were different. Do your 30 minute Surya Namaskar routine and you are set for a fresh energetic day. The morning sun is the richest source of Vitamin D, which you can’t replace with any food supplements. A 30 minute Surya Namaskar habit will help you rejuvenate your body, relax your muscles and revive your soul for the day and its challenges ahead.

Eat your breakfast like a champ!

It does sound like a cliché. But, breakfast is your most important meal of the day. Whether it’s a fresh piece of bread layered with organic A2 Cow Ghee to give you the bouts of energy or those yummy parathas made in pure Cow Ghee. Both are a treat to the stomach!

Your bullet coffee will get you the morning boost with that one spoon of pure organic A2 Cow Ghee made through a traditional churning process (Bilona Process).

Chalk out your day!

 With the energy of pure ingredients in your morning meal and a warmed up body, you are now ready to take on the world. It’s always a good practice to plan the day ahead. Take your to-do-list diary or maybe a digital keeper, and pen down all the things you need to carry out for the day. It will help you see through the day and you will feel more productive. You can even retrospect when you go to bed and treat yourself to some Desi Ghee Halwa or that favorite Kheer from your grandmother’s recipe book.

We, at Mr Milk, wish you an energetic day and are always ready to provide Fresh & Pure Dairy Products.

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