Healthy Lifestyle Habits 101

Want to earn more money? Have a successful relationship? Find meaning in life?

Whatever the question, the answer is simple and the same for all – having a healthy body.

You cannot focus on your business, relationship, family or your job unless your body is taken care of.

Who is going to take care of your body? The logical answer is the person who looks back at you from the mirror. But what if you can reduce the time spent on taking care of your body? Healthy life habits is a prescribed solution.

Yes, we agree that these often take little efforts and time on our part but once applied, they remain with us forever without further conscious involvement from our side.

Finding it hard to start? Do it the same way you do with your gym routine. Commit yourself and try having a partner, so that each one can police the other.

They need not be boring too. For example, you want to meditate? No need to recite a verse or keep your mind empty forcefully. Instead, listen to a soothing soundtrack or a chant something you find connection with.

Do you want some off-screen time? Set sleep mode applications that remind you to take a break, then use that break to cultivate another routine like before-sleep stretching or just walk around and absorb your surroundings.

Some routines require even less effort on our side but have significant health benefits.

One of the best cases is choosing organic produce over chemical processing.

Let us understand it better.

If you dive into medical details, you will be terrified to learn some of the facts related to food adulteration, in conventionally processed food. Most horrifying of them is milk adulteration. Both infants and adults need milk, the ‘ideal food’, with its abundant nutrients. It is one of the best sources for protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, and minerals, making it a complete diet. Our intake of milk and dairy products is immense, so why don’t we make sure the ingredients are natural and pure. If those ingredients are hazardous to health, it can lead to chronic toxicity (sometimes taking years to manifest and release symptoms).

Unfortunately, milk is easily adulterated throughout the world. Common adulteration being a vegetable protein, milk from different species, the addition of whey, unfiltered water and urea, formalin, detergents, ammonium sulphate, boric acid, caustic soda, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, hydrogen peroxide, sugars, melamine, and so on.

Another medical fact to consider would be the presence of beta-casein protein in milk. A1 B-casein protein is a common ingredient in milk from stores. If you want to make a healthy choice, switch to A2 B-casein protein milk from fresh dairy farms (A2 milk) which is easier to digest with its multitude of benefits.

On the other hand, Organic Ghee is all about maintaining our long-kept tradition of bilona process (hand-churned), which ensures that the essential ingredients of milk are restored in producing Ghee.

Organic produce is slightly expensive than mass-processed products but like any other healthy habit, its long-term benefits outweigh the cost factor. Benefits of organic dairy products are often neglected for lack of immediate effects; however, since when has the quality food started acting like allopathic drug medicines?

Give time to your health and choose natural products. We, at Mr Milk, are there for you in your journey to health!

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