desi cow a2 milk paneer

  • The Milk
  • The Farm
  • The Cows
  • Packaging & Logistics
  • Subscription & Payments

The Milk

  • desi cow farm What is A2 Desi Cow Milk?
  • It is milk collected from Indian cows, free of A1 protein. The two main kinds of beta-casein protein include A1 and A2. Regular milk contains a mixture of both proteins. A2 Desi Cow Milk is real milk, from cows who naturally produce A2 protein. It is a better source of nutrients, easier to digest and tastier and creamier milk compared to ordinary milk.
  • desi cow milk Why Is It Costlier Than Regular Milk?
  • Desi cows produce less milk compared to foreign cows. Hence, the milk is rarer, precious and more valuable. Not to mention, at Mr. Milk, we ensure the highest standards of milking and delivery. Though the milk seems a little costlier in the beginning, it is a worthwhile investment in your family’s health for the long term.
  • Desi cow a2 milk Is it preservative free?
  • At Mr. Milk, we take great pride in delivering preservative-free and additive-free milk to our customers. All our milk is natural and pure.
  • desi cow  a2 milk ghee How fresh is the milk?
  • It’s as good as having your own cow at home! After milking, we chill the milk immediately to preserve its freshness and avoid bacterial growth. Milk is delivered within 24 hours of milking to your doorstep.
  • desi cow a2 milk paneer Do I need to boil the milk before consumption?
  • Since Mr. Milkis pasteurized, you can consume it directly without boiling.
  • desi cow farm Can we make by-products like ghee, paneer and curd?
  • Yes, indeed. We encourage our customers to use our milk to make all milk products. Your family will relish the delicious by-products too!
  • desi cow milk How long does the milk last?
  • Since our milk doesn’t contain preservatives, it lasts 3-4 days, provided it is always refrigerated.
  • Desi cow a2 milk How is Mr. Milk different?
  • Most other brands collect milk from various farmers and process it. Sometimes, the milk is pasteurized, homogenized and theessentialfat is removed before it is packed. On the other hand, we collect our own milk, pasteurize it, pack it and deliver it without anycream separationto maintain its freshness, quality and nutritional content.

The Farm

  • desi cow  a2 milk ghee Can I visit your farm?
  • Yes, definitely; our dear cows will be happy to see you. Please call our customer care executive at 9922-MR-MILK to set up an appointment
  • desi cow a2 milk paneer Where is your farm located?
  • Our 85-acre farm is located at VadgaonMaval, near Lonavala, amidst lots of natural beauty and calmness.
  • desi cow farm How is the milk collected?
  • All our milk is collected through an automated process at our very own farm. We don’t collect milk from farmers or any other third party. The entire process is untouched by human hands, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene at all levels.
  • desi cow milk What’s the environment like on your farms?
  • It is a paradise for our cows, where we treat them like family members. They are loved, cared for and nurtured by our team. There’s music playing to relax the cows, automatic brushes to massage them and lots of happiness and peace all around!

The Cows

  • Desi cow a2 milk What breed of cows do you have?
  • We have only Desi breed of cows. Most of our cows are Sahiwal breed from Haryana and Punjab. We also have some Gir cows.
  • desi cow  a2 milk ghee How do you treat your cows at Mr. Milk?
  • Our cows are part of our family. We nurture and pamper them with lots of warmth, love and good food. We have created a retreat-like atmosphere at our farm where they get lots of natural air, open spaces and a relaxing environment every day.
  •  desi cow a2 milk paneer What do you feed your cows?
  • We give our cows home-grown fodder. They are not given any hormone injections or artificial foods to boost milk production. In fact, most of the food we give them is grown at our own farm.
  • desi cow farm What about the calves?
  • The calves are given priority for their mother’s milk, and they are always kept close to their mothers.

Packaging & Logistics

  • desi cow milk What kind of packaging do you use?
  • As a part of our green initiative, we only use Gable Top Packaging that can be easily recycled. It is eco-friendly, safe and has zero chances of adulteration.
  • Desi cow a2 milk What time do you deliver the milk?
  • Most of our deliveries occur in the morning, between 5.00 a.m. to 8 a.m. The timing may vary in some areas.
  • desi cow  a2 milk ghee How do you keep the milk fresh?
  • We store the milk at 40C immediately after it is procured from the cows. Our cold chain delivery system ensures that it is as fresh as the farm when it reaches your doorstep.
  • desi cow a2 milk paneer Do you have half litre cartons?
  • Currently, we only offer a 1 litre pack. If your consumption is only half litre per day, you can opt for an alternate day plan.

Subscription & Payments

  • desi cow farm How should I subscribe? What are the plans?
  • You can subscribe by calling our number 9922-MR-MILK (9922676455) or sending a WhatsApp/Text. We have a one-litre pack that you can take daily or on alternate days. You can decrease or increase the quantity of milk at any time based on your usage.
  • desi cow milk Can I try the milk before subscribing?
  • Yes, of course! Please ask one of our customer care executives for the trial pack offer.
  • Desi cow a2 milk How to make the payment?
  • You can make the payment through an online transfer or schedule a cash pick up