Desi cow a2 milk
Best A2 Milk in Pune

Sahakar Nagar

"I enjoy the cream that comes on top of the milk after boiling Mr. Milk. No other milk feels as pure as this one. Extremely satisfied with the service provided by Mr. Milk."

Best A2 Milk in Pune

Cooking Enthusiast
Prabhat Road

"Mr. Milk Cow milk & Paneer is tasty as well as healthy. I have tried many products earlier but this is the best so far. The taste reminds my of the milk in my early days. I could hardly collect any cream from other milk, but I am so happy with the cream content that I get with Mr. Milk. The cream adds taste to my food and we enjoy the loni."

A2 Milk in Pune

Fitness Enthusiast

"I workout 5-6 times a week. Being a vegetarian, I have limited sources of protein. Consuming Mr. Milk has helped me achieve my protein requirement and i feel much more energetic during my workouts."

A2 Milk in Pune

Happy Mom
Boat Club Road

"We trust Mr. Milk and enjoy the consistent quality delivered for the past 3 months now. My children who avoided drinking milk, enjoy the taste of Mr. Milk and insist on having it without any additives."

A2 Milk in Pune

Salisbury Park

"I am loving Mr. Milk for my family. I don’t have to worry about the quality as its fresh and straight from their own farm. The packaging is very attractive, safe & hygienic. I would rather spend on quality food than medicines”