All You Need to Know about the Nutritional Values of A2 Milk

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium for humans, which plays an integral role in strengthening our bones and ensuring healthy teeth. For children between the ages of 1 to 11, one cup of milk offers half to a third of the recommended calcium intake. In the case of adults, it is one third to one quarter of their daily calcium requirements. Along with calcium, milk is also naturally rich in many essential minerals and vitamins like A, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, K, and also zinc, magnesium, potassium, and selenium.

Is Your Milk Really Healthy?

Have you ever wondered whether the milk you drink every day really has all these nutrients? What if your A1 milk that comes in plastic pouches isn’t giving you all the benefits of milk you should get?

It’s time to rethink the milk you drink. Isn’t your family’s health and well-being your first priority? Consider moving to a healthy, natural and preservative-free milk for optimum nutrition to everyone in your family.

A2 Milk Nutrients

Milk has two proteins – casein and whey which make up 80% and 20% of the protein content of cows’ milk respectively. A2 denotes a specific protein that’s found in Desi Cow milk and is often seen in comparison with the A1 milk protein, found in European cows’ milk. However, the difference in the two milk varieties is not just in the name. There’s a big difference in how the two are digested by our human body. In simple words, A2 milk is similar to human mother’s milk, while A1 milk, only varying by one amino acid is difficult to digest for many.

Research has shown that regular consumption of A1 milk over a long period can lead to cholesterol deposits and even Type 1 Diabetes. In rare cases, there have been links to neurological issues and autism, too. On the other hand, A2 milk is considered the elixir of life as it is highly nutritive. It contains proteins that our body can’t produce on its own. Therefore, we have to obtain it from our diet. Either through direct consumption or from relevant milk products.

A2 Milk Facts

  • Loaded with energy
  • Rich source of protein – A2 beta casein
  • Best for weight loss
  • Easy to digest
  • Full of calcium and vitamins
  • Great for heart health
  • Best nutrition for breastfeeding mothers
  • Excellent for kids

Mr. Milk – Real, Pure, and Nutritious A2 Milk

If you really want to relish all the nutritious benefits of milk, it’s time to switch to A2 milk.

Mr. Milk offers natural A2 Desi Cow milk that contains all essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for the growth and energy of your family. Whether it is little ones, young adults, professionals, or seniors, everyone will benefit from the nutritious milk brought to you by Mr. Milk.

Your family’s key to a healthy future lies in your decisions. Make the right choice with Mr. Milk. It will transform every part of your body, from head to toe! Apart from physical health, you’ll also notice a positive sign in your mental health. The body’s immunity will increase. At the same time, there will be better ingestion of Vitamins A, B12, D, and B2. Along with it, you will gain light and digestible protein, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, selenium, and potassium.

Order your nutritious A2 Desi Cow Milk today!

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