Healthy Lifestyle Habits 101

Want to earn more money? Have a successful relationship? Find meaning in life? Whatever the question, the answer is simple and the same for all – having a healthy body. You cannot focus on your business, relationship, family or your job unless your body is taken care of. Who is going to take care of your body? […]

A2 MILK – The Elixir of Life in Ayurveda

Even according to the Ayurveda, Indian cows give milk which are full of life-giving, nourishing proteins that are essential for humans. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that cows are considered to be sacred in this country and symbolize strength and abundance. If you could go back to the scripts and documents from ancient India, you would find […]

5 Amazing Benefits of Adding Ghee to Your Diet

Ghee has been a staple of Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cuisine since ancient times. And the magic of ghee hasn’t stopped ever since. Even today, top chefs in the country who want to cook healthy and tasteful delights have discovered the countless benefits of this rich and delicious superfood. If you can’t decide whether ghee […]

What is the Difference between A1 and A2 Milk?

There’s been an ongoing debate about the nutritional quality of A1 and A2 milk. While A1 milk is largely consumed in India and around the world, scientists and researchers are now discovering its adverse health effects. On the contrary, A2 milk is gaining popularity in India because of its high nutritional content, incredible health benefits, […]

All About Ethical Milking

Ever wondered whether the milk you’re drinking is sourced ethically? Are the cows treated with love and respect or are they simply treated milk-producing machines? The dairy industry has seen immense transformations since the 1960s.Since the demand for milk continues to rise with the growing population, the white revolution made it possible to increase milk […]

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